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September 8, 2017


Contact Numbers and Help for the  2017-2018 School Year

Strong Start for Enrolled Families

We're committed to helping newly enrolled families start strong and thrive throughout the school year. We know what an important decision your child's schooling is, and we're thrilled that you chose our school!

Starting at a new school can involve big changes, for both you and your student. It takes time to adapt, and there may be challenges, especially in the beginning. As we've done for countless other families, we're here to help ensure a smooth transition for your family. We, along with K12, will work hard to provide the support you need to be successful—all year long.

Joining a K12-powered school gives you access to a national network of resources as well as to our vibrant school community. One great resource is K12's National Learning Coach University, which offers sessions and videos that provide tips and strategies for new families. Our school will also provide orientation sessions and events. And when you need technical assistance, K12's customer support is just a click away.

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Phone: 866-215-2292 option 4
Fax: 507.896.3068 or Fax: 507-896-3603
website: mnva.us

K12 Customer Care 866-512-2273

K12 Customer Care 866-626-6413
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HS Students Absence Report Link

As you know, students are required to log into all of their classes and complete assigned coursework on a daily basis. Just like in a traditional school, we know there will be times when a student is unable to attend all of their courses due to illness, family emergencies, etc. When your student is going to be absent from one or more of his/her classes please complete the online form accessible through the link below. Once submitted, this form will be submitted directly to our office staff. This form must be completed by the student's legal guardian if the student is under the age of 18.

Absence Reporting Form

Events for MNVA Families